Westwood BOE: WRMS A-Field Parking Lot Construction

This project includes the construction of a new 52 space parking lot at the A-Field at Westwood Regional Middle School, including all site construction, paving, concrete, curbing, landscaping, site lighting and all other associated work, etc.  This work is schedule to begin immediately upon award and occur fall of 2018.

Westwood Regional BOE: Westwood MS Fire Suppression Installation Project

This project includes the installation of a new fire suppression system throughout the existing Middle School Building, including all piping, devices, new incoming fire service etc. for a complete system.  Also included is limited ceiling replacement, new sprinkler room and all other work as shown on the drawings and specified herein.

Mountain Lakes BOE: Additions & Alterations to Briarcliff MS and Wildwood ES

This project includes the Additions & Alterations to Briarcliff Middle School, as well as Wildwood Elementary School, and all associated work, as shown on the Construction Documents. Each Contractor will have the opportunity to bid on just Briarcliff, on just Wildwood, or a combined bid for both schools.

West Essex BOE: WEMS Team Locker Room Renovation Project

This project includes the complete gut-renovation of four existing team locker rooms along with restrooms, shower rooms, coaches’ rooms and storage rooms at West Essex Regional Middle School, and all other associated work, etc.  This work is scheduled to begin immediately upon award.