This project includes the complete replacement of the existing two story curtain wall system with a new curtain wall system, including aluminum and glass assemblies, windows, doors, unit ventilators, roof replacement, unit ventilator replacement, and all associated work.

Alternates for the project include the replacement of the front building canopy, installation of air conditioning, sunscreens, and additional exterior door replacements.

Results:  Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School Facade Replacement Bid Tabulation

Bid Due Date

January 6, 2015     10:00 AM Keith Rosado Business Administrator Westwood Regional Board of Education 701 Ridgewood Road, Township of Washington, NJ 07676

Pre–Bid Meeting & Walk–Through

December 10, 2015     3:30 pm Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School 701 Ridgewood Road, Township of Washington, NJ 07675

Bid Package

$250.00 CASH, CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLY payable to FKA Architects.

Plan Holder’s List


Stone Creek 973-546-9900
Ingrassia Construction 908-222-1787
Drill Construction 973-736-9350
Mark Construction 973-263-5884
Belmont Construction 201-706-8014
Dodge 860-474-5387
Alna Construction Corp. 201-866-0030
Helios Construction 732-663-0200
Vanas Construction 201-883-1944
Jeral Construction 973-748-6400
Paul Otto Building Co. 908-709-9500
I.B.N. Construction Corp. 973-703-2724
Riefolo Construction 973-239-6550
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